what can I quote again as a positive point the PIA support I have already dealt with support here I had a payment problem
I wasn’t stopping and with crypto currency the support is very responsive in a few hours Mass was maximum 24 hours chrome aximum so it may well not be a french project here it is a project all the same which is reliable so we are going anyway finally immediately on the features p├ęgard who presents himself right here so this is what it looks like here you are you need.

the little aulas logo that looks like this and then in fact here it is a simple interface enough there is no 36 there 36 parameters here we have to connect to this that’s all the countries on which you can connect so there are still quite a few but this is one of the only negative points that I could find a country with them competitors as a rule they are many more offers at the countries where you can connect here I don’t know maybe there is one good twenties but here are the competitors they still have a lot more offers here so we have what here
we have things in germany Australia Canada so we already have quite a bit so before connecting we let’s go for a quick walk in the settings see a little bit what country to us therefore by but basic launch at startup or willy name se connecting launch displayed notification office update language the theme here is a handle in dark themes.